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On shanks`s pony
On shanks`s pony

From spring to autumn is the best time for walking. Each season has its own charms on Rügen. In spring the blooming anemones, in the summer the beaches are making  for a perfect stop for swimming. In autumn there is a firework of colors in the woods. As a card, we recommend the official bike and hiking map at a scale of 1:50 000.


Bicycle travelling
Bicycle travelling

Cycling here in Putbus is also recommended for beginners thanks to the mostly flat topography. The gently undulating landscape makes cycling easy and the few slopes are easy to master and also walkable.


We have here, first two routes together for you, the days round tour "On the tracks of Prince Malte" and the shorter tour "From the Circus to the "Hexenbusch", which is also suitable for hiking.

Activities on Water
Activities on Water

Lauterbach is a district of Putbus, located on the Rügischer Bodden. The nature captivates every year many avid water sports enthusiasts, as well as the idyllic harbor. Both the harbour and the marina "Im-Jaich" all berths are booked up quickly during the season.


Even in times of Prince Malte the harbour was of great importance for the development of tourism in the region. Many maritime options are posted right on the harbour.


Kurverwaltung Putbus

Alleestr. 2

18581 Putbus



Stadtinfo Putbus

16.10. - 14.04. 
Mo-Fr  10-15 Uhr

15.04. - 31.05. / 01.09.-15.10.
Mo-Fr 10-15 Uhr

01.06. - 31.08. Mo-Sa 10-16 Uhr

Hafeninfo Lauterbach

16.10. - 14.04.

Mo-Fr  10-14 Uhr

15.04. - 31.05. / 01.09. - 15.10.

Mo-Sa 10-16 Uhr

01.06. - 31.08. Mo-So 10-17 Uhr






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