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Wild herbs
Wild herbs

At your walk through the park please look also once on the small, rather inconspicuous plants at your feet. Here you will find small beauties with truly unusual properties.


The much-overlooked Daisy (bellis perennis) offers not only beautiful but also edible flowers. Have you ever refines your breakfast bun with a jelly from Daisy? You should try it absolutely.


The Meadowfoam seed you increasingly find in early spring in Putbus Park, was named in 2006 to the flower of the year. Since it`s threatened in its existence and since  it`s written on the red list of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you shouldn`t pick it up, although it`s edible and will act as a tea infusion for rheumatism.


In May, it smells strongly of garlic in Putbus Park. The wild garlic, known as vegetable, spice and medicinal plant, distributed its intense smell here.


Island of Vilm
Island of Vilm

The island of Vilm is located 2.5 km away from the port Lauterbach in the Bay of Greifswald.


The island served in GDR times as a holiday seat of government. Today it houses the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm, a branch of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.


The island is fully protected and may not be entered. Selected areas can be explored on a guided hike. Upon reservation, the ship "Julchen" owned by shipping company Lenz, takes you from the port Lauterbach on the island Vilm. Also a boat trip around the island is available from Lauterbach.


On the half way from Putbus to Lauterbach you surely will be hesitated: The red house is upside down! Look into it and make a dizzying experience of a special kind.

Landscape temple
Landscape temple

5000 years of settlement history prove this unique place "PUTBUS".


In 1253 appeared for the first time of mention a "stone house" in the documents of Vatican. An extended house served then in 1371, the family Putbus as headquarters. The beautiful park was first created in 1725 as a Renaissance garden and then in the early 19th Century transformed into the English landscape park. The current extent covers approximately 75 hectares and is freely accessible.


To know the features of this landscape temple, you only need a little time, which you can take here indefinitely. Here you get an airy feeling!


This is a place of inner calm and peace. You can experience this landscape on your own or you can be guided by the earth- and metaphysician Dr. Ralf Marius Bittner.


Kurverwaltung Putbus

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