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Residence city
Residence city

Rügen, Germany's largest island, is owning with Putbus the youngest residence city of germany. In 1815 Prince Wilhelm Malte of Putbus was planning the city on the drawing-bord and began the extensive construction work around his castle. All houses are built in the style of classicism, the beautiful buildings still shine in brilliant white. Here you will find special architecture.

All in white
All in white

The once magnificent castle of Putbus today we are looking for unfortunately in vain. In the early 1960's the castle was completely demolished on government decision. Today only an exhibition in the old smithy behind the "Marstall" reminds of the  castle. Let yourself be fascinated on a guided city walk and discover the theatre (the one and only at Rügen island), the "Marstall"  (the largest eventhall,  converted of former stables of the royal palace)  and the features of the castle park or artworks in the Orangery.

Music in the park
Music in the park

Dive into the world of music. Regulary on the end of March the "Festspielfrühling Rügen" offers an extensive concert program in Putbus and many other interesting venues around the island. Every year in May the "Putbus-Festival" offers a varied musical programm. On Pentecost Sonday one highlight of the year will start with "music in the park".


Kurverwaltung Putbus

Alleestr. 2

18581 Putbus



Stadtinfo Putbus

16.10. - 14.04. 
Mo-Fr  10-15 Uhr

15.04. - 31.05. / 01.09.-15.10.
Mo-Fr 10-15 Uhr

01.06. - 31.08. Mo-Sa 10-16 Uhr

Hafeninfo Lauterbach

16.10. - 14.04.

Mo-Fr  10-14 Uhr

15.04. - 31.05. / 01.09. - 15.10.

Mo-Sa 10-16 Uhr

01.06. - 31.08. Mo-So 10-17 Uhr






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